Proud Achievers at Lansdowne School

Year 10

We welcomed the new Year 7 pupils to their first Singing and Signing Assembly at the start of the new term. Miss Shelton holds these weekly sessions where we get to share our passion for singing, signing and helping each other to enjoy the songs.

Miss Tovey praised our new Year 7 pupils for the mature way in which they arrived at the assembly. The pupils sat patiently ahead of a morning of singing.

Volunteers from the Lansdowne Choir were then asked to come forward to help with the signing. We were also joined by Mr Lee and his superb signing skills. The assembly started with the singing of Stand by Me, a Lansdowne School favourite that we are all familiar with.

Various pupils throughout all year groups were then awarded with the Star certificates across all subjects. These are handed out to recognise any outstanding contribution that school pupils have made during the past week. This was once again a new experience for the Year 7 pupils.

Year 10

The final achievement went to Mr. Lee’s Class 9DL, who were awarded the Class of the Week trophy. This has been a great start to the new school year for the Class 9DL students.

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