Year 10 Drama Videos

Year 10

Year 10 have been acting out some superb role-play as part of our drama lessons for the start of the autumn term. We started off a recent session with a warm up playing one of our favourite drama games.

Each student took it in turns to wear a headband with a random card attached to the front. This contained a picture of either an animal, an object or some food. The wearer of the headband couldn’t see the picture. Our task was to ask questions and work out what the image on our headband was.

This is a great task to help develop the questioning skills of the students. This is something that we needed to achieve in on order to progress to our next drama challenge during this session.

We introduced to Year 10 the topical issue of badger culling. We explained how there are strong arguments either side for continuing or stopping the cull.

The pupils used role-play to set up a current affairs interview situation. Working in pairs, one partner played the role of an interviewer from Countryfile. The other partner was a local farmer who was opposed to the cull.

We asked each character to think about gestures and the tone of the voice. We presented our short role-play sequences to the rest of the group. You can watch a selection of these in the videos below.

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