Year 11 GCSE Early Work

Lansdowne School

The Year 11 students at Lansdowne School are starting to prepare for the GCSE and GCSE Entry Level exams that will be taking place later on in the school year. We are introducing this work at an early stage to allow for a gradual progression in our achievements.

The GCSE work for literacy this year will involve the topical theme of badger culling. The students watched a short news video as an introduction to this topic. We then read some newspaper reports so that we could compare and contrast the different coverage.

A class discussion was held to try and see if we thought badger culling was a good or a bad idea. We tried to sympathise with the arguments from both sides, before forming our own opinions.

Year 11 then completed a piece of comprehension based around the badger-culling topic. This helped to reinforce some of the key facts and organisations that are involved in this debate.

The GCSE literacy work for this year will require all pupils to produce a written piece of text outlining in detail their opinions on the badger cull. A useful start has been made by the students.

You can listen to some of the ideas in this early work being addressed in the recording below.

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