Year 7 Food Tech Video

The new Year 7 pupils have been having great fun during our early food tech sessions in the Lansdowne School kitchen. Safety is the first concern for all pupils whenever we work in the food tech space. Miss O’Leary guided the pupils around the work area and spoke about some of the basic rules that we have whilst cooking.

Year 7

The pupils have been looking at what constitutes a healthy meal. Each class member has designed their own healthy eating lunchbox. We have seen that although healthy foods such as fruit and veg are essential, it is OK to have in moderation one special snack in our lunchtime.

One of the first snacks that Year 7 have cooked in the Lansdowne kitchen is a tasty toasted cheese sandwich. This was lightly fried in oil to follow the style made popular by Jamie Oliver.

Each pupil was encouraged to work as independently as possible, although adult supervision was always at hand. You can watch one of the sandwiches being cooked in the video above.

Year 10

Year 10

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