Year 7 Music Videos

The new Year 7 pupils at Lansdowne School have settled in superbly to the school routine and are making great contributions across various subjects. Our music lessons in particular have seen an incredibly high standard of learning from the new pupils.

We started the new term by preparing our music folders. Miss Shelton wanted to find out what level of musical understanding that the pupils already have, and what each pupil would be interested in learning as the term progresses.

Our early practical musical work has focussed on playing the Lansdowne School keyboards. We looked in great detail at the layout of the keyboards, and in particular for any patterns that we could see.

One pupil was able to observe how the black keys appear to follow a sequence. There are two black keys, then three, then two once again. We also saw how the musical notes are also repeated up and down the scale.

Miss Shelton then invited each class member to choose from a selection of songs that we already know. These included Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle and the theme from Eastenders.

As you can see from this selection of videos, Year 7 are making brilliant progress with their new music learning at Lansdowne School.

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