Year 8 Art Theory Video

Year 8 have started the new school year by learning about different colour theories as part of our art learning. We have introduced the concepts of primary and secondary colours.

Each pupil has started to paint a sheet containing a primary colour. This work will develop over the coming weeks to also look at how we can then blend these colours in together.

We will also be looking at complimentary colours as part of our art learning. An example might be having pink and blue stripes. This technique will also be added to the primary colour sheets that we are currently producing.

Year 8 will be looking at the work of the artist Georgia O’Keeffe to help us understand further the idea of colour theory. This is an artist that uses strong understanding of colour to produce some stunning still life drawings. This is something that Year 8 will also be working towards.

You can see how the pupils have started their work on the topic in the video above.

Year 8

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