Year 9 Lansdowne Declaration of Rights

Year 9

Year 9 have been producing some challenging work as part of our PSHE learning at Lansdowne School. One of our main topics for the autumn term is to research the International Declaration of Human Rights.

We have been researching online what is contained within the Declaration, and then exploring how this is applied. We have also encouraged the students to think about why it is so important that this piece of policy exists.

Year 9 have focussed their research on how the Declaration applies to children and young people. We have been learning about points such as:

No one should be treated as a slave.

The law applies to everyone in the same way.

No one can invade your privacy.

We then advanced this wok to help the students make the connection with their own lives. We asked for contributions to help come up with a Lansdowne School Declaration of Human Rights.

The following points were put forward:

Let children play outside.

You have a right to go to ay school.

You have a right to stay with your family.

You cannot touch another child unless they give their permission.

You have a right to be looked after and spoken to politely.

You have a right not to be bullied.

You have a right to play with other children.

You have a right to be yourself.

A couple of Year 9 students discuss some of these ideas in the recording below.

This is a topic that Year 9 will continue to look at in more detail in relation to their own lives as our PSHE learning continues throughout the autumn term.

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