Year 11 Improve Racket Sport Skills

Year 11 are working towards playing a competitive game of badminton during our PE lessons. We first need to be able to feel confident in returning the shuttlecock over the net, and being able to judge the strength of each shot that we need to succeed.

A couple of workstations were set up by Mr Lee. One activity required the students to use a large target mat to try and place their badminton shot. A second exercise saw the students see how many shots they could put together in a rally with Mr Lee.

Each activity was timed. We kept a score chart for each pupils, and then presented the results at the end of the PE session. We have found that the students are very competitive against themselves, and look forward to improving on their performance each lesson.

Once the students feel confident with their badminton skills, we will then work towards staging a series of games.

A parallel activity to our badminton practise has seen the Year 11 students working on their volleyball technique. Each class member was timed against the clock as they attempted to make a serve and place the ball to land on a large mat.





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