Year 8 Improve Email Writing Skills


Year 8 have been using our ICT time to improve our skills when it comes to writing an email. We held a class discussion with Mr Peters to try and think about what type of information we might want to include in an email.

The pupils soon found that a well composed email contains important information. We are trying to explain something to the person receiving the email. They need to know straight away what the important facts are.

We watched a short video to help us with this exercise. This showed the fictional scene of a farmer showing some children around her farm. We then used this situation to help write an email. Our task was to choose one of the fictional children characters, and then email the farmer to thank her for arranging the visit.

Year 8 had to work out what the email address would be for the farmer, as well as to think of a suitable subject header. We could then compose our email, thinking carefully about which information was important to include.

You can listen to one of the Year 8 students reading out her final email in the recording below.

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