Year 9 Cricket Photo Gallery


Year 9 have been working on improving their all-round cricketing skills during our recent PE lessons. The aim was for all pupils to feel confident when batting, bowling and fielding. Expert tuition was given by Mr Lee across each activity. We found out that key to all of this is the ability to watch the cricket ball at all times.

The students have been playing a quick form of cricket. This allows for each team to have some time either batting, bowling or fielding. We have also introduced into this game the idea of having a pair of batsmen and the bowlers rotating from each end. This is an important tactical part of the game that requires teamwork from both sets of batters and bowlers.

Plus the game wasn’t all about sport. Cricket can be very complex when it comes to keeping track of the runs scored and balls bowled. We used out maths skills to keep check on the score.

You can see some of the Year 9 cricket action in the photo gallery below.








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