Year 9 Pop Art Video

Year 9 have been learning about pop art during our art lessons for the start of the autumn term. We started off our work by finding out when pop art was being produced. The pupils looked at the Lansdowne School art timeline, and saw that it emerged in the 1950s, and then carried on until the late 1960s.

The pupils have been looking at the work of some of the leading pop art artists. These include Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichenstein and Charles Oldenburg. We have looked at the slight differences in the work of these artists, but also how they all use bright colours and modern day objects.

We have seen how Andy Warhol was one of the leading pop art artists. Year 9 have been recreating some of his famous pieces of work such as the pictures of soup cans. We have also added in our own twist to the work of Warhol by designing and colouring sweet or chocolate wrappers. The pupils have tried to match up the exact colours that are used in the original designs.

Year 9 have held a class discussion about the use of fonts. We have found out that this means the type of lettering that is used for each product. You can find out more about our work by watching the short video above.





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