Pupils Prepare for Visiting Theatre Show


We are looking forward to welcoming the Outside Theatre Company to Lansdowne School as they perform a special play to all students based around the theme of The Blitz. The professional actors will be performing a play that is funny at times, but also includes a powerful message.

Miss Shelton has been preparing the Lansdowne School Choir for the special event by helping the pupils to sign and sign We’ll Meet Again and The White Cliffs of Dover. Some of our friends from Turney School have also been invited to come along and enjoy the play.

The Key Stage 4 curriculum includes an understanding of how theatre can help us to relate to ideas. We will be following up some of the themes contained in the play in our work back in the class. The pupils will be asked to think about what it must have felt like to live during The Blitz. We will be listening to some historical speeches from World War Two and then considering the impact that they had.

Some Dear Diary entries will be written to help the pupils think about what it must have felt like to live through The Blitz. We will also be asking some of the students to write an objective theatre review of the production.

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