Year 11 Share War and Conflict Thoughts


Year 11 have produced some very thoughtful work during our humanities learning around the issue of war and conflict. The students have been researching various historical conflicts and their origins.

This has been much more than simply a history exercise. Year 11 have looked at some of the reasons as to why different nations resort to war, as well as some of the religious beliefs regarding war and peace.

Different work activities have been completed as part of this learning. Some students have created some colourful posters based around the idea of conflict. We encouraged each class member to think about their own thoughts towards conflict, and then to think of a powerful way in which to display these in a poster format. The pupils used the class dictionaries to help them to use some new vocabulary for this exercise.


Another exercise has seen the students create a piece of written work based around conflict. We asked each pupil to select a historical war and then research and write about this. Some thoughtful work has been produced, as you can hear in the short recording below.

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