Year 7 Food Tech Fresh Fruit Salad


Year 7 have designed and made their own favourite fresh fruit salad as part of our Food Technology learning. We started off this work with a food tasting session. We wanted to find out what our individual taste buds were like so that we could add our favourite fruits to our final design.


Each class member systematically tasted a selection of fruits that we might not be familiar with. These included pineapples, Kiwi fruits and pomegranates. We asked the pupils to rate the fruits in terms of texture, taste and appearance.


We held a class discussion to find out what the main benefits are in eating plenty of fruits. The pupils were able to learn that all of these fruits contain plenty of vitamin C. This helps us to keep healthy skin, gums and eyesight, as well as being useful in keeping colds and flus away.


Finally Year 7 were able to prepare their own fruit salad. We asked the pupils to choose a selection of their favourite fruits, and then to carefully cut these up.


The final stage of our work was the important evaluation. We asked Class 7 to complete a worksheet containing questions asking what have we made, what tools did we use, what skills have we learnt and what skills we can develop?


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