Year 8 ICT Emails and Data Collection


Year 8 have been continuing their ICT learning looking at email and the benefits that this can bring. The pupils have already composed on paper an email to a fictional farmer, thanking them for showing them around the farm.

A recent session saw Year 8 enter this correspondence into an email browser. We wanted the pupils to think about an email address for the sender, a subject heading and any possible attachments that we might want to include.

Other ICT work in Year 8 has seen Year 8 using spreadsheets to store and analyse data. We have seen how software such as Excel allows us to log any information that we might want to compare.

We asked the class members to compose their own short survey. This involved subject matter such as favourite TV shows or favourite food. Each survey was then completed by all Year 8 pupils. The data was then transferred into Excel.

We have been learning how important it is to save our data, as well as to produce regular back ups. Later in the term and the students will be seeing how Excel can be used to display our information in an effective manner.

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