Year 10 Art Video

Year 10 have been looking at the concept of scaling up during our recent art lessons. This involves taking an original image, and then reproducing it on a larger scale. This can be achieved by placing a grid system on the original picture, and then copying what we can see in each segment over to the corresponding grid on the larger image.

Important to this work is the use of the colour scheme. Year 10 have been introduced to the idea of a tonal ladder. This is a reference colour chart that we use, displaying the gradual change in some of the dominant colours that we can see in the original picture. Year 10 have looked at the idea of translucent and opaque colours.

The next step in this learning will be to scale up a photograph of each pupil into a large self-portrait painting. We will be dividing up a head and shoulders picture using our grid system. The students will be working on an artist’s easel and using their knowledge of the tonal ladder to create an accurate self-portrait.


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