Year 11 Net Sport PE Video

Year 11 were introduced to a new team sport during a recent PE lesson. We have been working on improving our net sport techniques. Mr. Lee commented that the students could make better use of the attacking space when playing sports such as volleyball. He devised a variation of volleyball to help Year 11 think about how we can use the space.

The aim of our attack and defend game was to knock down all of the cones that our opponents were defending at the other end of the court. Each side of the court was divided into two clear zones. Each team had to have a set of attackers, and a set of defenders.

We soon found that a good way to succeed was to move around the court and find some free space. This gives us a slight advantage as we are able to have a few seconds to spare when we are lining up a shot. Mr. Lee also demonstrated how you can place a more accurate shot the closer you are towards the net.

We will remind the Year 11 students of these objectives when we continue with our volleyball sessions after the half term break.


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