Year 7 Healthy Sandwich Video

Year 7 had a highly successful Food Tech session ahead of half term where they designed and then prepared a healthy choice sandwich. The pupils have been learning about the idea of healthy food. We have been seeing which types of food are healthy, and why this is important in our daily diet.


This work has been backed up with plenty of thought about personal taste. We have asked the pupils to list their favourite sandwich fillings. We then thought about combining some of these together to create what in theory should be our perfect sandwich.


After designing the sandwich, we asked the pupils to prepare by listing the kitchen tools that we would require. We also wrote down a method explaining the order of activities we would need to follow to create our sandwich. A diagram was drawn by each pupil so that we could follow our own instructions.


Next came the fun part of preparation. Careful attention was paid to assembling some unique sandwich designs. Finally we asked the Year 7 pupils to evaluate their sandwich. We wanted to know what they could do next time to make the sandwich even more appealing.






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