Year 9 Art Trip to the Saatchi Gallery

The Year 9 students at Lansdowne School had a great trip to the Saatchi Gallery just ahead of the half term break. We have been learning about pop art and how this style is unique when compared to more traditional painting. The pupils were able to see at first hand some pop art style sculptures during out visit to the Saatchi Gallery.

Of particular interest was the current Pangaea exhibition. This features some stunning Afro-American sculptures with a pop art influence. Year 9 were given the task of completing an activity pack during the trip. Each student was asked to choose a sculpture that was of interest to them. A sketch of the artwork was made. The students were asked to explain what they liked about the artwork, and how it made them feel.

This work will continue back in the Lansdowne School art studio. Year 9 will be working on a pop art project after half term that will involve sculpting and scaling up the image of a large birthday cake.

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