Online Safety Assembly


All Lansdowne pupils recently had a very special Friday morning assembly. We started off our weekly gathering with another inspiring singing and signing assembly with Miss Shelton. The pupils are currently rehearsing the Lansdowne Christmas songs. Joy to the World is a pacy song that requires plenty of concentration when we are signing.

Miss Shelton then welcomed to our assembly our special guest Eva from the Cyber Learning and Attitude for Youth [CLAY] organisation. Eva came to see us at Lansdowne to talk about what is meant by cyber bullying and how we can stay safe online.

Eva started off her presentation by asking who has access to either a smartphone, tablet or computer. Most of the pupils at the school are able to go online whilst at home.

The pupils were then asked for a series of definitions. We worked out together that bullying is all about power and control. The bully is usually someone who wants to try and control us because they might feel inferior themselves.

Collectively the students were also able to come up with definitions for:



Image and


Eva explained how all of these concepts can come together when we talk about online safety and protection from cyber bullies. We found out what is meant by the virtual online world compared to how we conduct our social relationships face to face.

The main message that Eva was keen to put across was that we all need to be careful about what we share online. Be nice or be quiet was a strong message. The students were reminded that we should tell an adult if we ever feel that we are being bullied either online or offline. It was also mentioned that ignoring a cyber bully is often good advice.

Our special assembly ended with Miss O’Leary congratulating the Star Achievers across all curriculum areas. Class 10MK were presented with the Star Class of the Week trophy, having achieved an impressive 88% success rate on their tick sheets.

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