Year 10 Drama Video

Year 10 have been working together in small groups during our recent drama sessions. We encourage the students to be as expressive as possible during drama time, and to support each other with any communication needs.

A recent lesson saw a brief warm-up with the What Am I game. Each class member wears a picture of either an animal, food or object on a head mask. They are unable to see the picture. The challenge is to work out what they are through a series of questions and answers.

We then played the Trail Game – with a brand new trail as well! Each class member has to make it to the other end of the colourful trail. They can only progress once they have answered a series of general knowledge questions. Once again we encourage support from class friends if they are unable to progress.

Improvisation was then the made theme for the majority of our drama time. Each pair of pupils were presented with an opening and closing line of an imaginary conversation. Our task was to construct the dialogue in the middle.

An example might be an opening line of:

Have you ever been on an aeroplane?

The closing line could be:

One day I would like to go to America.”

The skill required here is how to think spontaneously and keep a conversation alive, as well as to know when it might be a suitable time for the conversation to end. You can watch an example of this in the video above.

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