Year 7 ICT Learning


Year 7 are getting to grips with the Lansdowne School ICT resources. The new pupils are already familiar with our extensive use of iPads at the school to help with communication and learning. Year 7 are now starting to explore the Lansdowne ICT suite and the desktop resources that we are able to offer.

Each class member has been supplied with their own secure login. Mr. Peters has been helping the pupils to understand the importance of keeping these safe. The pupils have also been finding their way around the file structure that we use at Lansdowne School.

Mr. Peters set two specific challenges during a recent ICT session:

Find the answers to a series of questions online, and place some pictures into a presentation that we are creating.

The first task required Year 7 to show an understanding of how to search safely online. Questions were posed including:

Who is Nelson Mandela?

Which company makes the iPhone?

Which country is hosting the next Olympic games?

As part of our answering, the pupils had to include the exact search query that they used to find the information. We also wanted the url to be logged, and then finally the answer.

Placing pictures into a presentation is a skill that the Year 7 will be using throughout their time at Lansdowne School. Work across the school curriculum is often presented in either PowerPoint or Word. Understanding how to locate and insert a picture is a key skill.


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