Year 8 Food Tech Video

The Year 8 pupils at Lansdowne School have all cooked a tasty pasta bake as part of our recent food technology learning. This exercise was not only practice, but also contained some important theory.

Miss Renwick has introduced the pupils to some new vocabulary. This includes words such as coagulate and julienne. These both refer to the style and technique that we use when we are preparing food. We have also talked about the fibre source that can be found in a pasta bake.

With the theory having been taught, it was then time to prepare our snack. Once all of the ingredients had been prepared and added, we had one final task remaining: the cheese topping that completed our meal.

Miss Renwick has been helping the pupils to understand what is meant by having a non-reversible ingredient. We have seen how once the cheese in our bake melts, we can’t reverse this change for it to become the same shape and state again.

You can find out a little more about our Year 8 food tech learning in the short video above.


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