Year 8 Poetry Podcast


Year 8 have been learning about techniques that can help improve our poetry writing as part of our literacy learning. The pupils have been looking in particular at the use of similes and personification. We have seen how a simile compares a thought to something else, whereas as personification makes an idea come alive.

A number of different worksheets have been completed by each Year 8 pupil, depending on their learning aims. Some students have been thinking of a suitable simile to add to a series of sentences presented to them. We have also asked the pupils to read a short passage, and then identify where the personification takes place.

This work has concluded with the Year 8 pupils writing their own short pieces of poetry. We set the theme of I Am and asked the class members to add in a simile or piece of personification to add some extra depth to our work.

You can listen to a piece of Year 8 poetry being proudly read out in the recording below.

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