Year 10 Humanities Blitz Project


Year 10 have been researching what life was like living during the Blitz as part of our humanities learning for the autumn term. The students have been learning how to recognise what is a primary source and what is meant by a secondary source. We have seen how each method of research can offer a different understanding of a historical event.

The idea of the Blitz Spirt is a concept that we have been looking at in further detail. Year 10 have come up with a definition stating that everyone pulled together in a time of great national need.


Primary and secondary sources have been studied such as letters or photographs. We have asked the Year 10 students to consider each source, and then look for any evidence that might suggest that the Blitz Spirit was in place. This information will be presented in a PowerPoint show.

Other Year 10 students have been improving their understanding of The Blitz by looking at some of the everyday items that were used in homes during this period. The pupils have looked at gas masks and air raid shelters. Colourful posters have been created to display this information.


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