Year 10 Gymnastics Video

Year 10 have been carrying out some advanced gymnastics work as part of our continued PE learning for the autumn term. The students have been set various tasks working on the mats, the frame, the crossbar and the vaulting apparatus.


Safety is our key concern when working with this equipment. Mr. Lee explained carefully at the start of the session what was expected from each pupil and how we could achieve this safely.


Different types of rolling challenges were set for the activity on the school mats. These included a sausage roll technique, a teddy bear style roll, a shoulder roll and a forward roll. Each of these requires a slight variation and different control of our arms and legs.


The Lansdowne School climbing frame and ropes have been used together to help some students improve their body strength and self-control. Backwards and forwards rolls have been attempted by some of the more athletic Year 10 pupils.


Vaulting is also popular. Mr. Lee set different targets for each pupil. The aim was for each student to feel confident when working with this challenging piece of equipment. Future PE sessions will see the Year 10 students putting together their own gymnastics floor sequence. Self-Assessment will also form part of this activity.


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