Year 8 Food Tech Pizza Video

Year 8 are continuing to develop their Food Tech skills during our weekly sessions. Some adventurous cooking projects have been successfully undertaken. The most recent of these was the baking of a short crust pizza.


We started our work with some theory to understand a little more about some of the ingredients that we would be using. Miss Renwick explained how red and orange vegetables such as red peppers and tomatoes contain plenty of Vitamin A. This is very good for our eyesight.


Our practical work started off with the baking of the dough crust that was needed for our pizza. The pupils mixed in flour and water to create the base. A sprinkling of herbs was used to add a little extra flavour.


The instructions were then given to prepare the vegetables using julienne. Year 8 have been learning how this involves slicing the vegetables in a long, thin strip. Ideally each strip should be of an equal size.


Cheese was then grated to place on top of the pizza. The pupils have also been learning about how food can change from one state to another, but often this cannot be reversed. We have seen how cheese is a good example of this once it has been heated up.


With the pizzas successfully cooked in the oven, the final stage in the learning process was for self-evaluation. We asked the pupils to describe the taste, and how this might be improved. We also wanted to know how well the preparation of the food went. We asked for suggestions as to how our skills could be improved.



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