Year 9 Maths Video

Year 9 have been completing a number of individual maths assessments as we approach the end of the autumn term. These will help the teaching staff to prepare learning targets and support for the start of the spring term.

Maths assessments needn’t be dull – Year 9 have been having plenty of fun with their work! We started off a recent session with some lively maths songs to help get our thoughts focussed for the tasks ahead. Year 9 have been singing a number of songs together to help us remember the correct sequence for the months of the year.

The pupils were then ready to start work on their individual assessments and learning targets. Independent work was encouraged, with plenty of adult support available to help with reading and explanations.

Some pupils have been working on their number line knowledge. Working with a partner, they have been counting up and down the number line. Visual resources have also been used to help with number recognition. Plenty of maths games have formed part of this learning.

Other pupils have been working on their number tally skills. This is where we use bundles of five to help keep a running count of any numbers that we are adding. This information has then been transferred to a bar chart where the number can be compared. Pupils working on this task have been assessed on their understanding of vocabulary such as more, less and most popular.

Another Year 9 group have advanced their maths work to look at venn diagrams. We have asked these students to think about how we can sort groups to become different, or similar.

We finished off the maths learning with a reminder of the Lansdowne School FRESH rules, and then to ask each pupil to recap what they have learnt during the session.

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