Class Christmas Parties Photo Gallery


The final day of the autumn term at Lansdowne School saw all classes staging a special Christmas party. This was a time for class friends and teaching staff to celebrate what has been achieved together over the past few months, as well as to look forward to a much deserved Christmas break.


All good parties need some good food. Each class was able to enjoy some party food and soft drinks. Each pupil also received a present from their class teacher. This was all made possible thanks to the many raffle tickets that had been bought over the past few weeks. We would like to thank staff member Donna for organising this.


Some of the teaching staff took this happy gathering as an opportunity to reward some of the hard work that has taken place during the term. Pupils were rewarded for achievements in their maths and spelling tests. A selection of chocolates were available for each hard worker to choose from.

Games were also played and there was plenty of dancing. A fantastic celebration to wind down another successful term at Lansdowne School.








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