Year 10 Explore Macbeth During Drama


Year 10 held a suitably festive start to their final drama session ahead of the Christmas break. The Trail Game is always a great way for the pupils to get their mind and bodies warmed up ahead of a morning of acting. The idea is to answer three questions to successfully reach the end of the trail. As you can see from the video below, all of the questions were themed around Christmas.

The main focus for the Year 10 drama work this term has been all about Macbeth. This is a difficult story for the students to explore in detail. We have been studying the script, with a particular focus on the predictions made by the three witches at the start of the Shakespeare tragedy.

The students have reached Act 5 in Macbeth. This is where Lady Macbeth dies and Macduff confronts Macbeth. The students were given a short script from Act 5 to study. We split into two groups and thought about how we could present our acting work. Thought was given to vocal delivery, stage positions, costumes and props. After a few rehearsals each group shared their interpretation of Act 5.

This practical work is incredibly important as it helps the students to reinforce their knowledge of the script that we have been studying all term. The pupils are familiar with the plot. By acting this out they are able to then consider some of the motivations of the characters in Macbeth in greater detail.

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