Year 9 Pop Art Project Sculptures


Year 9 are coming towards the end of their pop art project. The final task as part of this learning has been to design and create a large scale sculpture inspired by the work of the pop artist Charles Oldenburg We have seen that much of his work involves large 3D creations of incredibly colourful cakes.


The Year 9 students created a design for their sculptures. We then scaled these up to put together a large paper mache reproduction of our designs. We asked the pupils to place as much detail as possible into the sculptures, and to think about how they could then construct these.


Peer assessment and self-assessment then followed. We encouraged the pupils to ask questions such as:

What was most successful about your artwork?

What materials did you use?

What did you enjoy most about the project?

Explain how you can improve your work.

This is a work in progress. The final phase will be for the design colours to be added to our large cakes.


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