Year 9 Spring Term Science Preparations


Year 9 have already started to prepare for their science learning that will take place at the start of the spring term. The pupils will be looking at the challenging topic of changing environments. We have held a few class discussions to introduce the idea of global warming and what this means for the planet.

The students have prepared for this topic by watching a series of short video clips from the Planet Earth programme. Topics have been carefully selected to show how different animals groups rely upon having an environment that isn’t damaged by global warming.

The challenge was set by Mr. Peters to watch each short clip, and also take notes at the same time. This is a great skill to have as it helps the students to prioritise what some of the key points are.

We then shared some of our thoughts with other class members once the film had finished. These notes will then be written up into a short, factual report. Worksheets will be based around these reports ready for the pupils to continue with their changing environments topic at the start of the spring term.

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