Year 11 Tchoukball PE Video

Year 11 have been improving their tchoukball techniques as we start a new term of PE learning at Lansdowne School. This is a highly skilled, fast-actioned team game. It involves two teams trying to score a point by throwing a ball against a trampoline, and then making sure that the ball bounces outside a small semi-circle before it lands.

The greatest skill that is needed to be a successful player is to be able to find space. Mr Lee has been working with the students to help them be able to attack as well as defend. When we are attacking we need to lose our marker; in defence we have to stay tight to them so they can’t shoot or pass the ball.

Year 11 started a recent session with a series of workstation activities to help improve our tchoukball skills. One activity involved bouncing the ball against the net and catching it. After five successful attempts we moved the throwing distance back.

A second workstation had a piggy in the middle simple game set up. Being able to find a free team mate is an important part of the game.

The final workstation required the players to respond to instruction and to run to a coloured marker whenever it was called out. This is good practise when moving in and out of space on the court.

Mr Lee then recapped on the aims and rules of the sporting. This is a non-contact game with no moving whilst holding the ball. The students then went into a full on game situation using the skills that they had learnt.

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