Year 7 Introduction to Musical Theatre


Year 7 have started an exciting musical project looking at the different elements that we can hear and see in musical theatre. We introduced this topic by asking the pupils what they already know about this form of entertainment. We were pleased to find out that many of the pupils already had a strong understanding and vocabulary based around musical theatre. Ideas such as action, words and music were all offered.

The pupils then watched a performance of America from West Side Story. We saw how this is a lively piece of music that combines plenty of action with the singing. We also heard that there is a strong rhythm taking place in the song.

Year 7 then split into small groups to practise playing the rhythm on the school drums. We took it in turns to sing the main chorus, and then bang out the rhythm. We came together to sing the song as a group. We found that it was important to listen out for the right place in which to add a pause. Working together also meant having an understanding of when we all need to sing together.

Musical Theatre will be one of the main themes that Year 7 will be working on throughout the spring term. This was a fantastic first session. You can listen to some of the early work being created in the lively recording below.

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