Year 8 ICT Photography Project


Year 8 are exploring different photographic techniques as part of our ICT curriculum learning for the spring term. We started off this work by asking the pupils who might use a camera, and for what purpose? We had many answers such as the police, tourists or families.


Working in pairs, the pupils were then given an iPad in which to experiment with. We asked each pair to find a number of interesting subject matters from around the classroom. Once a favourite photograph had been selected, we then learnt about the image manipulation techniques that we can use with the iPads. These include enhancing the sharpness, adding a filter or even removing red eyes.


Year 8 felt confident with their photography skills and were asked to look outside of the classroom for suitable subject matter. Small groups explored different locations around Lansdowne School such as the quiet pond area, the school garden and the sports equipment. Once again we continued with the image editing back in the classroom.



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