Year 9 Literacy Learning


Year 9 have started to read The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas as their main literacy learning book for the spring term. This is an incredibly challenging piece of writing that we are taking great care to understand as we work our way through the plot.

Each English lesson starts with a recap of the main characters and story developments. The pupils are asked about what we now know about each character, and what their motivations might be. We also share our thoughts about the changing location that runs throughout the story and any evidence in the book that helps us to describe this.

Having read Chapter 2 we now know that the main character of Bruno doesn’t like the new house that he has moved to. He misses his friends and doesn’t understand why his father’s new job meant that the family had to move.

Chapter 2 comes to a close with Bruno finding a mysterious window in the new house that looks out onto some other nearby buildings. We have yet to find out what these buildings might be.

Each class member has carried out some individual table work based around The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The learning activities are structured to help meet the aims of each pupil.

Some class members have been matching up images of the main character and locations with the correct words; other pupils have been using Communication in Print to answer a series of questions. Comprehension tasks have been completed by some of the students who have a strong vocabulary.


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