Fantastic Theatre Workshop

A selection of Year 8, 9 and 10 pupils are looking forward to a West End trip to see a production of Cats at the London Palladium. We have been preparing for our visit with some special drama workshops to help provide a background to some of the characters and the plot.

The pupils had a fantastic time when we had an afternoon drama workshop set up by our friends from Mousetrap Theatre. Suzy and Vicky arrived at Lansdowne with plenty of enthusiasm and looking to find similar energy levels amongst the pupils. They weren’t disappointed!

We started the workshop with some warm-up dancing. This was a time to lose any inhibitions. The afternoon ahead required plenty of self-expression and confidence.

The main characters in Cats were then introduced one by one. This was a very visual and interactive session. We found out about the traits of each cat, and a little about their life story. Suzy and Vicky acted out the character of the various cast members. The pupils were invited to join in and interact with the roles.

A large part of the workshop involved plenty of dancing. All students were keen to join in and showcase their dancing skills. We told that this also plays a part in the production of Cats.

Finally we finished with a relaxing floor session as the cats from Mousetrap Theatre recapped on the knowledge that we have learnt. This was a great session for the pupils. We will now be able to make the short trip to the London Palladium understanding a little more about characters and the plot.
















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