Lansdowne School Council Updates

School Council

The Lansdowne School Council has been starting to make plans for some of the aims that we want to achieve over the spring term. The Councillors meet once a week with Mrs. Adams. The agenda is usually led by any of the issues that the classmates of the Councillors have put forward.

An early priority for the Lansdowne School Council for this term is to arrange a special charity day to help raise some money for an organisation that helps people with a heart condition. The Councillors are currently coming up with some ideas as to what activities will help to raise money. Sport is one suggestion. We are also thinking about asking all students to wear one item of red clothing on this special day to help us think about people who might have a heart problem.

Another agenda item involved forming relationships with other local schools. The School Council is keen to arrange some friendly sporting match ups against other local teams. Plus it would be good to socialise and get to know other young people in the borough.

Mrs. Adams then explained that one of her aims for this term is to produce a regular Lansdowne School Newsletter. It would be great to see many contributions from pupils in the newsletter. The Councillors were asked to go and talk with their class friends and to think of some suitable ideas to share in the new school newsletter.

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