Year 8 Create Comics Using iPads

Year 8 have been creating some unique digital comics during our PSE learning at Lansdowne School. We usually start these sessions with a brief warm up to get our brains ready for the learning ahead. A popular activity is the times table snap game. Each player has a card with a sum on it. The trick is to work out the answer quickly in our heads, and then say SNAP if the same answer appears in the next card.

Our main theme for the spring term in PSE is to explore more about ourselves as we continue to develop as young adults. One part of the project has been to produce an individual Knowing Me, Knowing You digital comic.

This work started with each class member taking a photograph of themselves using the iPads. These were digitally edited to add some extra effects.

Year 8 were then asked to think of some of their favourite pastimes or interests. These were researched online. Images were found, and then the pupils wrote a sentence to explain a little more about their interests.

All of this information was assembled together using an app called Halftone 2. We also added some speech bubbles to present our information across. These digital comics will be shared amongst class friends once they are complete. They will help the students to find out more about their class friends.

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