Year 9 GCSE Music Entry Video

Year 9 have already started work towards their GCSE Music Entry Level exams. There are three main components for the exam: performing solos, performing as part of an ensemble and music listening and appreciation.

Our early preparation towards the GCSE exam has focussed on the solo performance. The examination criteria here is quite strict. There is a limited choice of songs; at least eight bars of music needs to be played and evidence needs to be heard of a strong rhythm and beat.

Sounds tough?

The Year 9 pupils have already produced some amazing pieces of music on the Lansdowne School keyboards! The songs choices have ranged from traditional to contemporary. It has also been great to see the improving keyboard techniques from the pupils. Most have advanced from single finger playing to using their full motor skills with a ranger of fingers playing the notes.

You can watch some early preparations for our Music GCSE Entry Level exam in the video above.

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