Year 10 Literacy Video

Our literacy learning in Year 10 has involved reading the book The Way Up To Heaven. This is a story that is set in New York, The text references many of the famous buildings and landmarks that can be found in the city.


The students watched a shot video clip about the history of New York. Year 10 are now working on a PowerPoint presentation showcasing the city, using our understanding about New York from the book.


Text, images and links all need to be included. Each presentation must try and sell the idea of New York as a great place to visit. Some of the questions posed include: where can you go? Which buildings are important? What is the history of the city and the people?


Other literacy work in Year 10 has seen the students exploring other pieces of work by Roald Dahl. Our main learning intention was to explain the main points in a piece of fiction. We also wanted the students to explore new elements of vocabulary that they will then hopefully start to introduce into their own short stories.

The short Dahl stories that we have been reading all have a strange twist at the end. Much of the vocabulary is adventurous. The students have been finding the meaning of some of the words using the school dictionaries. Examples include words such as extraordinary and irrepressible.

Different table work tasks have been completed by the Year 10 students depending on their learning targets. Some pupils have been completing a piece of comprehension based around the stories. Other class members have been sequencing the story using Communication in Print as the main learning tool.

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