Year 11 Maths GCSE Video

Year 11 have been working on various maths challenges as they prepare for their GCSE maths and GCSE Entry Level maths exams. One of the tasks involved two digit by one digit multiplication using a grid. The students understand the importance of having a method that we can rely upon, and then following this through for each sum. You can see an example of this being explained in the short video above.


Other pupils have been using the number grid to help solve some subtraction problems. We have seen how a sum such as 42-20 means that we need to count down two units of ten. This task can be carried out quicker using the number grid. Counting blocks are also used. This helps to visualise the calculation taking place.

A final task has been for the Year 11 pupils to add a set number making jumps on the number line. If 21 is to be added then we make two leaps of ten, and then one unit. All of these skills are the basic foundations of our maths learning that will help the pupils when it is time for their exams.





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