Y8 Queen Elizabeth I History Research


Our current humanities topic in Year 8 at Lansdowne School is to investigate the life of Queen Elizabeth I. The pupils have already carried out plenty of research using library resources as well as looking online.

We started a recent session by recapping on some of the knowledge that we already know. Year 8 were able to identify some of the physical features of the Tudor Queen. We have seen how she had bright orange hair.


The main achievements during her reign were also shared. Year 8 have looked in particular at how Queen Elizabeth was able to stop England being invaded by the Spanish Armada.


The pupils have completed a series of worksheets to help with this learning. Spider diagrams have been drawn to summarise the scope of our knowledge. The students have also answered a true or false series of question based on the life of Queen Elizabeth I.

Our Elizabethan learning came to a close with each class member designing a poster to put across all of our research knowledge.

We also have the most amazing class display in the humanities learning area at Lansdowne School. The Year 8 pupils have been building some Tudor style houses to help with our understanding of this historical period.









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