Year 10 Musical Instrument Exploration


Year 10 have been continuing with their musical learning looking in detail at some of the different instruments that are played in an orchestra. We have previously looked at what we can find inside a piano. The pupils were able to see how the piano keys, hammers and strings all work together to produce a sound.

A recent session involved an exploration of the clarinet. Miss H explained how the reed is the most important part in this instrument.

We then spent the session carefully assembling together the four different parts that make up the clarinet. The students were asked questions about each individual piece and what contribution it makes to the overall sound. Lip balm was used to loosen the joints.

Miss H then tried to play the clarinet without a reed. We found that no sound was made. When the reed was added then the vibrations produced a sound. Each class member then completed a worksheet to identify each part.

We will carry out a similar exercise over the coming weeks looking at a trumpet and a cello.


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