Class 9NG Comic Relief Assembly


Class 9NG staged an informative assembly about Comic Relief at Lansdowne School. The pupils have been researching the history and aims of Red Nose Day during their morning class time. The assembly looked at how we can take part in Comic Relief with various ideas about how to raise some money.


Each class member had a passage of text to read out. The students have been rehearsing this all week. We were able to hear some very confident reading skills. Miss O’Leary thanked Class 9NG for such an enjoyable assembly.

It was then time to hand out the certificates for the Star Pupils of the Week across all curriculum areas. Each class selects a pupil each week that has produced some outstanding work. Miss O’Leary congratulated each pupil and explained a little more about their achievements over the past week.


The final task to carry out was to present the Star Class of the Week trophy. This is calculated by seeing which class is able to receive the highest number of ticks after each lesson, as well as an outstanding level of attendance.

In joint third place was Class 9NG and Class 10CJ with 67%. Class 9JH was second with 70%. The winners of the Star Class for this week was Class 8NM with an impressive 92% of ticks and attendance.









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