Year 7 Literacy and Drama


Year 7 have been continuing to read Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh as our main literacy book for the spring term. This is a story that is new to most of the pupils. We approach the work by reading a short passage at a time, and then having a class discussion about any new knowledge that we now have.

Different table work activities have been completed based on the book. These involve comprehension exercises set on the achievement levels for each pupil. We encourage complete sentences to be written to help explain a little more about the plot. Re-capping over the plot in these short segments is a good way for the children to retain their knowledge of the story.

You can listen to a Year 7 pupil explain a little more about his work in the recording below.

A drama session then followed the literacy. Year 7 were introduced to a new card game. This was similar to dominos, except instead of dots, each card contained a picture and the word underneath. Examples included a boat, a shoe, a peg, a fox and a coat. The aim of the game was to find a set of rhyming words and to use up all of the picture cards.

The teaching staff asked the pupils to point out which part of the two words were rhyming. We were given a hint to look at the final sound in each word.

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