Year 8 Literacy Video

Year 8 have started work on The Firework Maker’s Daughter, our new class reading book for the remainder of the spring term. This is a short piece of fiction with just seven chapters. Year 8 have just completed chapter 3.

We have used the teaching time to help reinforce the knowledge that we already have about the characters and the plot. This is quite a complex story for the children to understand. Different table activities have been completed, depending on the learning targets that we want each pupil to achieve.


Some of the students have worked with a series of sentences to help sequence the plot of the story. Many detailed events have already taken place in the story. It is important that these are placed in the correct order.


Other Year 8 students have been reading an overview of the story using Communication in Print. A comprehension exercise was then completed using our knowledge of the story. You can watch one Year 8 learner sharing his work in the video above.



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