Improving Rounders Skills in Year 7


The final PE session of the spring term for the young Year 7 students saw Mr. Lee allowing the pupils to have a free choice over which activity the group collectively would like to play. Many different sports have been taught this term – football, racket sports and basketball.

Rounders emerged as the favourite. This is a fantastic sport for Year 7 to be playing. Many different technical skills are needed. These include a close hand to eye coordination when batting, and good judgement when fielding and catching the ball.

This is also a tactical game when it comes to loading up the bases and knowing when to run. Mr. Lee has been helping Year 7 to understand how they can achieve higher as a team once they start to think about working together a group.

We are pleased to present a short photo gallery below of Year 7 showing some of the PE skills that they have learnt this term.








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