Star Class of the Week Success for 9DL


The girls in Class 9DL took the final Star Class of the Week trophy before the Easter break at Lansdowne School. Miss O’Leary explained how this was a one off experiment. The teaching staff were of the opinion that the girls in 9DL had been performing exceptionally well. The boys have been producing some good work, but improvement is needed.

Therefore we thought that we would give the girls in Class 9DL the opportunity to see how much they could achieve on their own. The outcome was simply outstanding. 100% of ticks were achieved throughout the week. This means that there was full attendance, and outstanding behaviour and learning across every single lesson during the week.

It was also encouraging to see that the boys also raised their game. An impressive high 80’s score was recorded for the boys in Class 9DL. This is a considerable improvement over recent weeks.

Miss O’Leary explained during the final assembly of the school term that if the girls and the boys can now pull together, then the whole class will achieve to their potential together.

It is also worth mentioning some of the other high achieving classes throughout the final week of teaching. Class 10CJ recorded a decent 86% of tick. Class 8NM impressed all the teaching staff with a wonderful 92%.

Miss O’Leary concluded the assembly by wishing all students a happy and safe Easter break. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to Lansdowne School on Tuesday 14 April to continue our learning throughout the summer term.

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