Year 10 Drama Scripts


Year 10 have produced some outstanding written and practical work as part of our drama learning towards the end of the spring term. The student have been looking at some of the skills needed when writing your own script.

We have asked the class members to think about setting up a short plot, and then seeing how the script can then allow this to flow. Consideration is needed about the characters – how many should the script contain, and how can we help to put across their personalities?

Mr. Jukes has helped the students in putting in place stage directions as part of their script work. The setting is also important, as well as thinking about what props might be needed.

The inspiration for this work has been the reading of Roald Dahl’s Edward the Conqueror. This is an intriguing short story all about a cat. The only criteria that was then set for the Year 10 scripts was that they should involve a vet.

Improvisation sessions took place first to explore a few early ideas. These then developed into a new form of writing.

The pupils then worked together in small groups to try and develop a short piece of drama based on these scripts. The writer for each script also took on the role of the director. Each script was then acted out in front of an audience. We invited constructive feedback to help improve our work.

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